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Akbar Public School was founded by Syed Ali Akbar Rizvi, a Businessman & Scholar. Having a multi-faceted personality with several achievements to his credit, he is an undisputed pioneer in the carpet Industry of Pakistan. He is the only recipient of the Export Performance Trophy for carpet (20th February 1971).
During his illustrious career, he has visited countless places far and wide. Mr. Rizvi’s career as a writer also bloomed. He has a deep knowledge of Islam, Politics, History and wrote several books. His achievements had allowed him to serve as Chairman & President for many social welfare organizations. It was his vision:
“If the people of Pakistan are to change the scenario, they must brace themselves for bringing about a qualitative change, and this purpose can only be achieved by concerted efforts. There is no denying the universal truth that every child has the right to get education and not only education but quality education too”.
This vision Mr. Akbar has given the shape of Akbar Public School, a place where quality education, of steeped in real Islamic values and modern conceptual thinking is made available to children belonging to all segments of the society including the most deprived.

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