• The intended withdrawal of pupil should be notified in writing by parents or guardians 30 days in advance or in lieu thereof, one month fee may be charged.
  • No school; leaving certificate will be issued till the school fees and other dues are paid fully and up to date.
  • If a student remains absent for three days continuously either before or after the vacation, or takes a long holiday without leave being granted by the principal, he may be removed from the school.
  • the school places special emphasis on charter formation and home influence Parents and guardians are accordingly required to give the school their fullest cooperation.
  • Reports are issued after every terminal and final examination and the report books must be returned to the class teacher after the parents scrutiny with the signature of the parents/guardian.
  • Failing twice in the academic year may result in the removal from the school.
  • a student must have 80% attendance during the academic session, if he/she fails to attai this, he/she may not be allowed to take the annual examination and may be asked to repeat the class.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual disobedience, objectionable behavior, disorderly or unseemly conduct on the part of the student may result in the rustication from the school.
  • If a pupil be absent due to illness, a note from his parent or guardian testifying to the fact must be given along with a medical certificate.
  • Any damage to the premises or to the school property will have to be made good with fine, if necessary.
  • No student shall attend or take part in any organization or conduct any public meeting of any kind.
  • The school is not responsible for any article of student being mislaid or lost in school or any mishap takes place while the boys /girls is in school. Students are expected to look after themselves and their own belongings and should avoid bringing large cash or valuables to school.
  • No students will be allowed to leave school premises and no parent will be allowed to take his/her son / daughter between school hours for any reason whatsoever without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students should come to school neat and tidy in school uniform. Incase of untidiness or not coming in full uniform, the students are liable to be sent home.
  • The Principal’s decision will be final and binding on the students and parents in all academic, non academic and disciplinary matters.



1. Shirt White Cotton or Polyester, Half sleeves double pocket & badge on the left pocket.
2. Socks White or Black.
3. Shoes Black Broad Toe with laces and PT. Shoes for Games.
4.Trouser/Short Dark Blue Cotton or Polyester.
5. Neck Tie Dark Blue with Yellow stripes.
6. Pullover Grey with Blue Stripes.


1. White Kurta Shalwar with Navy Blue stripes.
2. Frock or Kurta Shalwar for Nursery classes,
3. Black Shoes with white socks.
4. Grey with Blue stripes (Pullover).


1. Machine made Grey with Blue stripes jersey shall be worn in winter.
2. Neck, Ties, socks, stockings and belts are available at the school shop.
3. All students must wear white canvas P.T. shoes in the games period.


The school places special emphasize on character formation and home influence. Parents and guardians are accordingly required to give the school authorities their full cooperation. It is only with their cooperation that they may look forward to good results.
Parents are expected to see if their children revise their lesson regularly and prepare their lesson at home adequately.
Reports are issued after each examination for the information of parents / guardians. Further information may be collected from the Principal on application.
Failing twice during the academic career in the school shall result in removal from the school.


The school authorities strongly discourage the engaging of private tutors. No Private tutors should be engaged without the permission of the principal.


Monday to Friday


Nursery Summer Time 8:00 am. To 12:30 pm.
Winter Time 8:30 am. To 01:00 pm.

Primary & Secondary Summer Time 8:00 am. To 1:30 pm.
Winter Time 8:30 am. To 02:00 pm.


The school authorities shall announce vacation and holidays and their observance shall be binding on the parents.


The fees are to be paid by the 15th of every month. If student’s fees are one month in the arrears, his name is liable to be removed from the school rolls. Fines are imposed for late payment in accordance with the details notified by the school authorities.